ENIGMA-Parkinson's Disease (ENIGMA-PD) is an upcoming disease working group led by Dr. Ysbrand van der Werf (VuMC, Amsterdam), Max Laansma (VuMC, Amsterdam), Dr. Conor Owens-Walton (USC) and Eva van Heese (VuMC, Amsterdam). The ENIGMA-PD project will consist of three major studies, including:

  1. A meta-analysis of volumetric changes in Parkinsonian versus healthy brains, using previously developed FreeSurfer protocols: ENIGMA-PD FreeSurfer protocols
  2. A shape meta-analysis of deep gray matter structures (led by Dr. Boris Gutman): ENIGMA-Shape
  3. NEW: A meta-analysis of white matter differences, based on the ENIGMA-DTI protocol (led by Dr. Neda Jahanshad, with support from MJFF)

ENIGMA-PD is presently comprised 26 cohorts in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, North and South America. If you are interested in joining ENIGMA-PD, please contact Dr. Ysbrand van der Werf at yd.vanderwerf@vumc.nl, Max Laansma at m.laansma@vumc.nl, Dr. Conor Owens-Walton at Conor.Owens-Walton@loni.usc.edu and Eva van Heese at e.vanheese@amsterdamumc.nl.

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