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ENIGMA-Stroke Recovery is a working group dedicated to improving our understanding of how changes in the brain after stroke relate to functional outcomes and recovery. This group is actively conducting meta- and mega-analyses of existing MRI data in adults who have had a stroke. The main goals of ENIGMA-Stroke include:

  • To create a worldwide network of stroke neuroimaging centers focused on understanding mechanisms of stroke recovery

  • To compute and analyze metrics of brain shape, brain volume, brain wiring and brain function from thousands of people after stroke

  • To identify structural and functional differences that occur after stroke in brain shape, brain volume, brain wiring and brain function and explore the relation between these measures and functional outcomes and/or recovery

  • To develop collaborations and infrastructure for novel stroke brain-behavior analyses

Although initial work from this worldwide partnership focused on examining sensorimotor outcomes after stroke, our growing membership is also interested in examining neural associations with post-stroke on cognition, mood, language, and more, as well as the effects of therapeutic approaches, exercise and sleep on stroke outcomes. We are also interested in multi-modal imaging, genetics, and additional neurobiological metrics of health.

We are happy to welcome new cohorts at any time! If you would like to contribute to ENIGMA-Stroke, please contact Sook-Lei Liew.

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