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This group is performing a meta-analysis of functional brain activity as measured by scalp recorded electrical brain activity, also known as Electroencephalography (EEG). EEG signals show strong oscillatory activity. The strength of these oscillations are known to be important for information processing in the brain and communication between brain areas. These oscillations are modulated by task conditions, but are also highly variable between people -- leading to very distinct patterns for each individual. However, twin studies have shown that the strength of 10Hz oscillations — called alpha oscillations — is one of the most heritable traits in humans, suggesting a possibly powerful trait for GWAS.

The goal of ENIGMA-EEG is to find common genetic variants that are responsible for the genetic variation. To achieve the highest possible number of subjects, this needs to be done by meta-analysis.

Groups with genetic data imputed to the 1000 Genomes Project as well as resting state EEG (preferably eyes closed resting), are encouraged to participate!

Please contact Dr. Dirk Smit and Dr. Philippe Jawinski and for additional information if you are interested.

Genetic Imputation Protocol

  • Information on the genetic imputation protocol for all ENIGMA projects can be found here.

Analysis Protocols


To request the ENIGMA-EEG GWAS summary statistics from Smit et al., 2018, please click on the banner below.


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