ENIGMA-Antisocial Behavior

Members of the ENIGMA-Antisocial Behavior Working Group include investigators from different centers around the world who are actively engaged in research on antisocial behavior across the lifespan. The Working Group’s initial goal is to demonstrate the value of performing collaborative, large-scale meta- and mega-analyses of neuroimaging data collected across multiple centers to clarify the associations between Conduct Disorder/Problems, Psychopathy, or Antisocial Personality Disorder and alterations in brain structure and function. Future goals will potentially include examination of related phenotypes such as aggression, use of population-based samples with dimensional measures of antisocial behavior available, and genetic data from case-control and population-based studies integrated with neuroimaging measures. Together, this database will likely be useful to investigators both within and outside of the Working Group who may want to conduct transdiagnostic analyses.

This working group is chaired by Drs. Stephane De Brito, Graeme Fairchild, Moji Aghajani, Eduard Klapwijk, Charlotte Cecil, Arielle Baskin-Sommers, Daniel Pine, and Adrian Raine.

The ENIGMA-Antisocial Behavior Working Group has been set up to answer questions that cannot be addressed by individual research groups, and provide more reliable and replicable findings in the field. If you think you may have imaging or genetic data that are relevant to this topic, we invite you to join this collaborative initiative and contact either one of the individual chairs or email the Working Group chairs at the generic ENIGMA-Antisocial Behavior email address: enigma.antisocial@gmail.com

For your information, the Memorandum Of Understanding for this working group can be found here.

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