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Claudia Barth

NORMENT, University of Oslo, Norway

Tiril P. Gurholt

NORMENT, University of Oslo, Norway



Ingrid Agartz

NORMENT, University of Oslo, Norway

The ENIGMA-EOP working group has been formed to explore meta-analysis of existing MRI data of early onset psychosis (EOP) in adolescents and healthy adolescent controls.

The objective of this working group is to identify markers that robustly discriminate adolescents with EOP from healthy controls, differentiate among the different EOP syndromes (including early-onset schizophrenia (EOS) and early-onset bipolar (EOBP) spectrum disorders) by studying the genetic and brain neuroanatomical and functional characteristics across ages and different studies and datasets. The goal is to find the pathophysiological correlates of disease and obtain knowledge about how genetic or other risk factors are related with the brain in EOP and characterize the developmental trajectories. The ENIGMA-EOP working group is chaired by Dr. Ingrid Agartz, at NORMENT, University of Oslo, Norway. The work group is open to new datasets and collaborators, and we are actively in search of collaborative datasets for participating in the meta-analysis, or taking independent study responsibility.
If you are interested in participating in projects, please contact Dr. Ingrid Agartz (ingrid.agartz@medisin.uio.no) and Dr. Claudia Barth (claudia.barth@medisin.uio.no).

See list of current ENIGMA-EOP co-authors here.


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