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HALFpipe is a user-friendly software that facilitates reproducible analysis of fMRI data, including preprocessing, single-subject, and group analysis. It provides state-of-the-art preprocessing using fmriprep, but removes the necessity to convert data to the BIDS format. Common resting-state and task-based fMRI features can then be calculated on the fly using FSL and nipype for statistics.

HALFpipe is distributed as a container, meaning that all required software comes bundled in a monolithic file, the container. This allows for easy installation on new systems, and makes data analysis more reproducible, because software versions are guaranteed to be the same for all users.
For full documentation and to download the container, visit the HALFpipe GitHub page:

For questions or support, please submit an issue or contact the development team via e-mail:

Developement Team
Lea Waller, Developer
Ilya Veer, Project manager
Susanne Erk, Project manager
If you use HALFpipe in your project, please also reference the following preprint:


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