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GWAS Meta Analysis of Cortical Thickness and Surface Area


For ENIGMA-3, all participating ENIGMA site will be extracting cortical measures using FreeSurfer software and the

Image Processing Protocols outlined below:

  1. Step 1 Extract Cortical Measures from FreeSurfer
  2. Step 2 Steps for Quality Checking of Outputs
  3. Step 3 Get population summary statistics of the cortical traits and related histograms
  • To impute the genetic information to the 1000 Genomes Project data -- please see the imputation protocol (this protocol is the same one used in ENIGMA-2, the ENIGMA project on subcortical volumes... so if you have this run already, no need to rerun!)
  • Protocols for Genetic Analysis are available on our GitHub Page.

Any Questions/Comments? Please contact the ENIGMA Support Team .

Our GWAS of cortical structures (Grasby et al., 2020) are available for bulk download here.


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