This group is performing a meta-analysis of functional brain activity as measured by magnetoencephalography, or MEG. MEG measures the magnetic fields outside the head produced by coherent brain activity. The same physiological processes underly signals measured by electroencephalography (EEG) and MEG, but since the magnetic signatures of brain activity are not distorted by the skull and scalp, source localization techniques can be used to project the signals into the anatomical space defined by an MRI

The goal of ENIGMA-MEG is to explore the spatiotemporal patterns of brain oscillatory activity, and determine how these patterns relate to age, gender, and common genetic variants. Data from numerous modalities have demonstrated a hierarchical organization of the brain from sensory systems to higher cortical areas. There is some evidence that this hierarchical organization may also be reflected in the spatial distribution of intrinsic timescales of activity. This ENIGMA working group intends to explore these patterns across the lifespan. To achieve the highest possible number of subjects, this needs to be done by meta-analysis.

ENIGMA-MEG is looking for new members!

Groups with resting state MEG data and MRI images suitable for cortical parcellation, with or without genetic data, are encouraged to participate!

Please contact Dr. Allison Nugent for additional information if you are interested.
Information on the genetic imputation protocol for all ENIGMA projects can be found here.

The specific data analysis pipeline is currently under development and will rely upon containerized Python scripts to allow for maximum automation.

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