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As of May 2013 we have been working on a collaborative project among neuroimaging groups in the US, Africa, and Asia, who have scanned people with HIV/AIDS to determine the best endophenotypes (both MRI and DTI) for distinguishing cases from controls.

A Steering Group brings together the PIs of highly productive existing consortia run by HIV experts in the USA, South Africa, and Asia. We will use the protocols we developed for the ENIGMA Consortium to analyze large MRI and DTI datasets from 6 cohorts totaling over 1142 participants (911 HIV+, 231 HIV-) - including children, adults, and elderly participants across the USA, Asia, and Africa. We will meta-analyze brain measures from the HIV Neuroimaging Consortium dataset (PI: Brad Navia, Tufts Univ.), the Miriam cohort (PI: Ron Cohen, U. Florida), the Cape Town Cohort (PI: Dan Stein and John Joska, Univ. of Cape Town, Rob Paul, Missouri Inst. of Mental Health), the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study (MACS; PI: Jim Becker, U. Pittsburgh Med. Ctr.), the UCSF HIV Over 60 Cohort (PI: Victor Valcour; UCSF) and Thai PREDICT Study (Co-PI: Victor Valcour, UCSF). Our work does not supersede existing consortia, but it is a project that existing consortia and neuroimaging studies can participate in.

If you are interested in participating in this analysis, please contact Dr. Neda Jahanshad.

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