ENIGMA-Environment (ENIGMA-ENV) is a new working group dedicated to elucidating how environmental exposures (e.g. air pollution, neighborhoods, greenspace etc.) impact brain structures and networks, neural function and behavior, as well as the biological underpinnings of environmental risks for various neurodevelopmental, neurologic and psychiatric disorders. The group is led by Drs Lauren Salminen, Megan Herting and JC Chen.

ENIGMA-ENV Working Group Memorandum of Understanding (MOU): Environment Working Group members are asked to sign a short MOU agreement that has been standardized across the ENIGMA projects and provides basic framework to protect data privacy, facilitate data sharing, encourage academic productivity, ensure appropriate authorship and publication credit, and implements a system to track and archive data, analyses and publications related to the Environment Working Group.

We are actively searching for international collaborators to join ENIGMA-ENV! If you are interested in participating in ENIGMA-ENV, please complete our short data query poll, and contact Dr. Salminen (salminen@usc.edu) or Dr. Herting (herting@usc.edu).

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