The ENIGMA Sports-Related Injury group is led by Drs. Dave Baron ( and Inga Koerte ( Concussions and sub-concussive impacts can have subtle, but significant, effects on brain structure and function. The subtlety of injury combined with patient heterogeneity makes it difficult to find reliable effects, however. ENIGMA Sports-Related Injury aims to address this issue through meta-analysis of multiple cohorts and the increase in power that creates. This group will examine the effects of concussions and repeated sub-concussive impacts across numerous sports and all levels of play.

Key questions for this group include: how do males and females differ in response to injury? What are the long-term consequences of repeated sub-concussive impacts? Are there factors that predict which athletes will have a poorer outcome?

We have begun analyses using ENIGMA's diffusion MRI workflow (presented at NeuroTrauma 2018 in Toronto - Published Abstracts) but are actively recruiting new members! If you are interested in collaborating or have questions about what is involved, please contact one of the leads listed above.

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