The ENIGMA Pediatric msTBI group is led by Drs. Emily Dennis (, Karen Caeyenberghs (, and Lisa Wilde ( Traumatic brain injury is the leading cause of death and disability among children and adolescents in the United States, but an even greater problem in developing nations. Children are remarkably resilient, but there is tremendous heterogeneity among patients, with some having minimal disruption while others experience permanent disability.

This group focuses on patients between ages 6-18 years who have sustained a moderate-to-severe head injury (including complicated mild). Some of the key questions we aim to address are: what is the impact of age-at-injury? How do girls and boys differ in response to injury, and is there an effect of pubertal status? Do patients who present with similar disruptions (for example, sleep disturbances) show similar patterns of neural disruption? What are the factors associated with a good prognosis?

We have begun analyses using ENIGMA's diffusion MRI workflow (presented at NeuroTrauma 2018 in Toronto - Published Abstracts) but are actively recruiting new members! If you are interested in collaborating or have questions about what is involved, please contact one of the leads listed above.

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