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Based on the progress of both the ENIGMA-Schizophrenia (ENIGMA-SZ) and ENIGMA-DTI working groups, the ENIGMA-SZ-DTI groupĀ aims to conduct a case/control meta-analysis of white matter microstructural differences in SZ using DTI.

We invite groups with DTI data currently participating in the ENIGMA-SZ Working Group, as well as new groups, to join us. So far, 16 international sites are involved in this meta-analysis and implementing the current QC and analysis protocols developed by the ENIGMA-DTI working group (download the protocols here). The protocols are designed to account for inter-site differences in white matter phenotypes and have been used to identify heritable and reproducible measures from diffusion images (Jahanshad et al., 2013; Kochunov et al., 2014).

The ENIGMA-DTI protocol involves the alignment of images to the ENIGMA-DTI template using TBSS and the extraction of mean FA ROIs from the skeletal projections.

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