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We have booked six shuttle services departing Honolulu International Airport on Wednesday, June 10th and Thursday, June 11th. If you have requested this shuttle service, please do not book alternative forms of transportation as they will not be reimbursed. Attendees are asked to make their own arrangements for travel to the OHBM conference in Waikiki.

The shuttle company requires a contact phone number for all travelers. Please provide your contact telephone number on this Google sheet (only people with the link can view this document), or, alternatively, email it privately to

Shuttles have been confirmed for the following times for the following attendees.

Name Date Flight number  Pick-up Time
Christopher Whelan 6/10/2015 Allegiant 1073  12:00 PM
Sinead Kelly 6/10/2015 Allegiant 1073  12:00 PM
Gunter Schumann 6/10/2015 UA73 K  7:00 PM
Sylvane Desrivieres 6/10/2015 UA73 K  7:00 PM
Barbara Franke 6/10/2015 KLM/Delta 5034  7:00 PM
Yalin Wang 6/11/2015 US Airways 692  1:15 PM
Tulio Guadalupe 6/11/2015 UA 1232  1:15 PM
Sarah Medland 6/11/2015 N/A  1:15 PM
Jieping Ye 6/11/2015 US Airways 664  5:15 PM
David Glahn 6/11/2015 AA 141  5:15 PM
Sophia Frangou 6/11/2015 AA 141  5:15 PM
Theo van Erp 6/11/2015 AA 141  5:15 PM
Jessica Turner 6/11/2015 Delta 1559  7:15 PM
DJ Veltman 6/11/2015 KL 5034  7:15 PM
Danai Dima 6/11/2015 UA 83  7:15 PM
Eleni Andreouli 6/11/2015 UA 83  7:15 PM
Scott Mackey 6/11/2015 UA73  7:15 PM
Daan van Rooij 6/11/2015 DL 2237  10:00 PM
Clyde Francks 6/11/2015 DL 1454  10:00 PM


Your driver will greet you holding a sign that says "ENIGMA BD2K GROUP". Drivers have been informed that some of you may need to come through customs. If you have difficulty finding your driver at your designated pick up location, please call Island Transporters at 808-293-5877.

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