ENIGMA-Tourette Syndrome Working Group

Co-Chairs: Peristera Paschou, Dept of Biological Sciences, Purdue University, USA; Kirsten Müller-Vahl, Hannover Medical School, Germany; Harald Moeller, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Germany

The ENIGMA-TS working group aims to bring together Tourette Syndrome (TS) research groups in order to share neuroimaging and genetic databases towards large scale studies on brain structure, neurophysiology and the molecular underpinnings of TS. We aim to identify brain regions and brain circuits that are involved in the neurobiology of TS and investigate how these relate to genomic background. Through large-scale analysis of neuroimaging data we will seek to define heritable sub-phenotypes in TS and probe genomic variation in order to dissect the complex genetic architecture of the disorder. In collaboration with other ENIGMA working groups we are working on cross-disorder comparisons with a special focus on neurodevelopmental disorders including OCD, ADHD, and autism.

The working group is motivated by and based on existing large-scale collaborative efforts aiming to understand the etiology of TS, including ESSTS (the European Society for the Study of Tourette Syndrome), TS-EUROTRAIN (a Marie Curie Initial Training Network), and EMTICS (European Multicentre Tics in Children Study).

As a first goal we are analysing T1-weighted brain MRI data from multiple sites in order to shed light into the pathophysiology of TS.

By joining forces with investigators around the world, sharing expertise and resources in large-scale collaborative efforts like the one represented by ENIGMA-TS we hope to be able to elucidate the etiology of TS and identify targets for the development of new therapies for TS.

Our call for participation is open and we look forward to welcoming new partners! If you have existing imaging data on TS patients and controls, if you are planning to start such a study, or If you would like more information please contact Dr Peristera Paschou at ppaschou@purdue.edu.



1st ENIGMA-TS Working Group Meeting – June 14th 2017, Seville (in conjunction with the 2017 Annual Meeting of the European Society for the Study of Tourette Syndrome).


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