ENIGMA Brain Injury

The ENIGMA Brain Injury group was formed in Fall of 2016. The Brain Injury group is led by Drs. David Tate (David.Tate@mimh.edu), Lisa Wilde (Elisabeth.wilde@hsc.utah.edu), and Emily Dennis (emily.dennis@ini.usc.edu).

Within the Brain Injury groups, we have established sub-groups based on patient type and injury characteristics. These are:

ENIGMA Military Brain Injury: led by Drs. David Tate (David.Tate@mimh.edu) and Lisa Wilde (Elisabeth.wilde@hsc.utah.edu).

ENIGMA Pediatric Moderate/Severe TBI: led by Drs. Emily Dennis (emily.dennis@ini.usc.edu), Karen Caeyenberghs (Karen.Caeyenberghs@acu.edu.au), and Lisa Wilde (Elisabeth.wilde@hsc.utah.edu).

ENIGMA Sports-Related Injury: led by Drs. Dave Baron (Dave.Baron@med.usc.edu) and Inga Koerte (ikoerte@bwh.harvard.edu).

ENIGMA Adult Moderate/Severe TBI: led Drs. Alexander Olsen (alexander.olsen@ntnu.no) and Frank Hillary (fhillary@psu.edu).

ENIGMA Acute Mild TBI: led by Drs. Pratik Mukherjee (Pratik.Mukherjee@ucsf.edu) and Andrew Mayer (amayer@mrn.org).

ENIGMA Intimate Partner Violence: led by Dr. Carrie Esopenko (ce216@shp.rutgers.edu).

All groups are currently recruiting, so if you are interested in participating in any, please email the PIs listed, or Dr. Emily Dennis (emily.dennis@ini.usc.edu).

Job opportunities within the ENIGMA Brain Injury group:

Postdoctoral position at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim: There is a 2 year postdoctoral position available in the Department of Psychology at NTNU in the Clinical Neuroscience Laboratory (CNL), headed by Associate Professor Alexander Olsen. CNL focuses on investigating the consequences of brain injury and disease as well as the effects of treatment and neurorehabilitation by combining advanced neuroimaging and brain stimulation techniques with wearable sensor technologies, neurocognitive assessments, and clinical measures. The successful candidate will develop work that contributes to, and complements, ongoing research studies. The postdoctoral fellow will have a key role in our research activities linked to the ENIGMA Brain Injury working group. ENIGMA is a framework with harmonized protocols for data processing and analysis across multiple sites and cohorts. The postdoctoral fellow will work in close collaboration with our world-wide partners to provide new knowledge on the consequences of traumatic brain injury by utilizing an unprecedented sample size compared to typical neuroimaging studies. Duties will include occasional travel to recruit and coordinate with collaborators.

Further information about the position is available by contacting Associate Professor Alexander Olsen at the Department of Psychology, phone 91722824 and e-mail alexander.olsen@ntnu.no. For information about processing of applications, please contact HR, Erik Lunde, e-mail: erik.lunde@ntnu.no. An application including attachments should be sent electronically through www.jobbnorge.no. For additional details see: https://www.jobbnorge.no/ledige-stillinger/stilling/149964/postdoctoral-position-in-advanced-neuroimaging-at-the-clinical-neuroscience-laboratory-su-150
Application deadline: 30.09.2018

Postdoctoral position at Harvard University or Ludwig Maximilian University (Boston or Munich): There is a postdoctoral position available working with Associate Professor Inga Koerte, located either in Boston with the Psychiatry Neuroimaging Laboratory (PNL) or in Munich with the Child Brain Research and Imaging in Neuroscience group (cBRAIN). Candidates should have a keen interest and strong background in neuroimaging and traumatic brain injury. Research will focus on advanced imaging of brain injury in both children and young adults, with some work focused on head injury in athletes. In Munich, a dissertation candidate would also be considered.
Please contact Dr. Koerte for more information (ikoerte@bwh.harvard.edu).


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