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ENIGMA-Stroke Recovery is a new working group dedicated to improving our understanding of how changes in post-stroke neuroanatomy may relate to motor recovery after stroke. This group is beginning to carry out a meta-analysis of existing MRI data in adults who have had a stroke. The main goals of ENIGMA-Stroke include:

  • To create a worldwide network of stroke neuroimaging centers focused on understanding mechanisms of stroke recovery
  • To compute and analyze summary statistics on brain shape, brain volume and brain wiring from thousands of people after stroke
  • To identify structural differences that occur after stroke in brain shape, brain volume and brain wiring and explore the relation between these measures and motor recovery (along with covariates such as age, gender, handedness prior to stroke, time since stroke)

  • To develop collaborations and infrastructure for future analyses

We will examine the effects of stroke on brain structure (e.g., volumes of regions affected by the lesion) and brain structural connectivity (e.g., white matter integrity after the lesion) and its relationship to functional motor behavior after stroke. This worldwide partnership could also have the potential to examine the effects of cognitive of language abilities after stroke, if there are interested parties.

We are happy to welcome new cohorts at any time!
If you would like to contribute to ENIGMA-Stroke, please contact Sook-Lei Liew.

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