ENIGMA Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors

Following a successful project in the ENIGMA-MDD group (see publication here), we will continue this work on suicidal thoughts and behaviors (STB) with a new ENIGMA-STB working group. The ENIGMA-STB working group is partly funded through a grant from the MQ Mental Health Foundation. The ENIGMA-STB working group will be co-chaired by Lianne Schmaal, Neda Jahanshad and Miguel Renteria. The first projects, funded through the MQ grant and led by Lianne Schmaal, Prof. Hilary Blumberg and Dr. Anne-Laura van Harmelen, will focus on elucidating transdiagnostic anatomical and white matter integrity alterations associated with suicidal ideation and behaviors, specifically in youths aged 12-25. The investigations led by ENIGMA-STB will span the consortium with trans-diagnostic involvement from other disease working groups. For any questions or potential interest, please contact Lianne Schmaal (lianne.schmaal@unimelb.edu.au) and/or Neda Jahanshad (neda.jahanshad@ini.usc.edu).

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